The Aeropolitan is a self authored line of luxury hotels designed to work in connection with major airports to accommodate airline employees, flight delays, layovers, and other airport scheduling situations. Catering to an often frustrated and busy crowd of commuters, the Aeropolitan can offer free or economically priced luxury accommodations.


This conceptual project began with the need for an innovative self-guided packaging idea.  I enjoy experimenting with unconventional packaging forms and wanted to relate my direction to my own personal values and experiences. As an avid traveller, I recognized the need for products targeted toward a jet setting audience that still appreciates luxury. 

The Aeropolitan Hotel was born as a vessel for which an ideal on-the-go packaging solution could live. An overall identity and additional stationary elements were designed post-packaging phase.


Featured on Quimaimemesuive, Discover Paper, and in an upcoming publication by Send Points.