Paper Moon is a self-authored 1940's style dim sum and lounge in the spirit of historical Chinatown. By day, Paper Moon is a family friendly dim sum restaurant. By night, it is a sultry lounge awash in lantern light and the sounds of lively period jazz and equally lively games of mah jong.


A traditional Chinese banner is the source inspiration for an illustrative logo that transitions to a tag like business card. The cards feature a persimmon red front and a patterned back complete with hand foiling for a more accessible alternative to letterpress. Because of its transitional nature, Paper Moon offers two menus. The day menu is a hanging lantern, while the evening menu takes a more traditional format with a rich tassel that references the logo. 

The dining experience culminates with the use of a traditional good luck "fortune envelope" designed to carry the bill. Statements on the fortune bill and mailing envelope light heartedly poke fun at kitschy fortune cookie sayings.


2012/13 Brand New Award Winner, Published in Creative Quarterly No. 49, Published in Coloring Your Brand by Dopress Books, Featured on Design Work Life and We And The Color